Identity authentication

Identity authentication can improve your KYC level. The Higher KYC level is, the Greater amount of the currency you deal on Instant Trade


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  2. Authentication does not need to be certified in order, if you have to complete a large amount transaction, you can directly authenticate the highest level.

Authentication Details

  1. KYC1 requires filling in personal real name and identity card number. Alipay account must be registered by phone number and also be re- authenticated on Alipay ( Alipay account is not phone number, so please bind account with phone number and then you can find me thought phone number on App privacy). Otherwise, it could not pass KYC2.
  2. If you do not pass KYC2’s audit or be in KYC2’s audit, you can directly certify KYC5.
  3. KYC3 is mainly to verify that your bank card is your own, in which the phone number for logging must be consistent with the reservation information of bank card, otherwise it will fail to certificate.
  4. KYC4:KYC2 and KYC3 should both be certificated successfully.
  5. KYC5 is the top level. You should provide ID card photos in front and back side, hand-held ID card photos and a video.
  6. The ID card photos in front and back side for certification is required to be clear and whole. The requirement of hand-held ID card photo is to see the identity card number clearly.
  7. Certification video requirements: you should take ID card and then read (I am **and I will make a transaction on Instant Trade of Bitpie. Besides, I promise the source of funds is legal that not be used for illegal purposes. Finally, I am responsible for my actions).

The reason of Failed authentication

  1. Photos are not up to the standard maybe because the photo of ID card is not complete; the uploaded photo only shows as a half or the photo is not attach the shooting requirement.
  2. Photos are not clear maybe because the photo of ID card is not taken clearly. When you take hand-held ID card photo, please let ID card number show clears as much as possible, otherwise it will be fail.
  3. Video is not correct maybe because you read a wrong content or don’t take ID card to shoot. It shows vivid at the special moment that after clicking a button-Start to Record and being ready to read, some of you haven’t recorded the first sentence. In addition, for the second sentence, please do not misread Bitpie as Bitcoin that is particularly easy to read wrong.

The corresponding amount of KYC level (Instant Trade)


KYC Level Single trading Single-day trading Total
KYC0 0 0 0
KYC1 0 0 0
KYC2 5000 20000 50000
KYC3 5000 20000 50000
KYC4 10000 40000 100000
KYC5 500000 2000000 1000000000