Address Book


Bitpie Address Management.


The usage of Address Book

Left Menu — Setting — Address Book.

Address Book Management

  1. Long time to press Address Label for editing and deleting. Long time to press Address for copying it and generating QR Code.

  2. There is a QR code on the top of Home Interface. You can click it to see your address and QR code address. Similarly, after clicking the lower right ‘+’ - Receive, you can also see your address and QR code address.



  1. The address in Address Book is maybe not yourself address.

  2. Reminder: Each time when you complete a transaction, your receivable address will change and the old address can be found in your historical address that is on Left Menu - My address - Recipient address. You can press old address for a long time to add it in Address Book. And then you can remark it to distinguish. The old address can also normally receive Bitcoin.