Help you extract the transferred error cryptocurrency

1.Update Bitpie to the latest version(v3.2.2 or newer version)

Bitpie supports the extract of missending coin and tokens as below:on BTC address: extract BCH, SBTC, BCD, BTV;on BCH address: extract BTC, SBTC, BCD, BTV;on SBTC address: extract BTC, BCH, BCD, BTV;on BTV address: extract BTC, BCH, SBTC, BCD;on ETH address: extract ETC;on ETC address: extract ETH, all ERC20 tokens

3.Here are examples to claim BCH. You can refer to this tutorial documents to claim others cryptocurrency that was trasfered by mistake.

Extract the transferred error BCH

Note: If the BCH is sent to Segwit address,Cause BCH lose, and unable retrieve.

1.If the BCH is sent to the BTC address, please switch to the BTC interface.

2.Choose My - My Address - RECEIVING ADDRESS - ‘choose the wrong address’ in My History Receiving BTC address - DETECT BCH ASSETS

../_images/my_address.en.png ../_images/checkBcc.en.png

If Bitcoin address (address in error) is not found, please switch to BTC interface. Choose Receive - My BTC Addresses - Detect BCH assets(Three in the top right corner)


3.Extract BTC,The address to extract BTC is your Receiving btc address.