Get Fork Coin

1.This is a BTW claiming sample, all fork token claiming process are same , you can refer to this document.

The following fork coin claiming is now supported: BCH, BTG, SBTC, BTW, BCD, BTF, BTP, BTN, CDY, SAFE, LCH.

You can claim fork coin only if you have BTC in your Bitpie or Bither wallet at fork height or you have BTC in your piebank at fork height. For more detail about those hard-forks,please check

Get Fork Coin in Bitpie

1.Update Bitpie to the latest version(v2.4.3 or newer version)

2.Aftering opening the Bitpie, there is an automatic information ‘You have obtainable Bitcoin World. Receive it immediately ‘


3.Choose Receive.


Get Fork Coin in Bither

If you are currently using other bitcoin wallets that follow same BIP protocol, you can import your private keys or seeds to Bither wallet to claim BTW.


1.Update Bitpie to the latest version(v1.7.9 or newer version) , claim BTW with Bither hot wallet.

2.setting-Advanced options-Get Fork Coins-Get BTW

../_images/getforcoin.en.jpg ../_images/bithergetbtws.en.jpg

3.Choose the corresponding account address and enter into Bitpie BTW address and password.

../_images/getBtwbitpieAddress.en.jpg ../_images/alreadygetBtw.en.jpg

If the Bitpie hot wallet monitors a cold wallet, the signature is required for transaction.

1.Choose the corresponding account address


2.enter into Bitpie BTW address.


3.User Bither cold wallet to scan the bar code of unsigned transaction .


4.Confirm to sign transaction, then use Bither hot wallet to scan bar code to sign transaction.

../_images/hotsing.en.png ../_images/sign.en.png