Instant Trade

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Instant Trade for buying Bitcoin

Place an order

  1. The minimum amount for buying Bitcoin is 0.1BTC. After filling in the specific number of Bitcoin you want to buy, you can see the corresponding payment at the bottom.

  2. The default payment method is Alipay. If you ask for a large amount of buying Bitcoin, it is recommended to pay by Bank Card.

Make a payment

  1. The valid time to pay is only ten-minutes after placing an order.

  2. Payment account must be owner account. Alipay requires Real-name authentication and the bank card account must be your own, otherwise the transaction won’t be completed.

  3. Please remark the order number well during the process of payment. You can click the array behind this order number to copy and paste it.

  4. The order number is the only information to remark. Don’t fill in other text information such as Bitcoin, etc.

  5. Remember to click the button-Paid when the payment is complete.

Receive Bitcoin

After confirming the received money, dealers will immediately send you Bitcoin. You can see this record in the home page.

Instant Trade for selling Bitcoin

Place an order

The minimum amount of selling Bitcoin is 0.1BTC. After filling in the specific number of Bitcoin you want to sell, you can see the received money at the bottom.

Fill in the payment information

  1. Currently it supports the payment methods– Alipay and Bank Card .

  2. Receivable account should also be owner account. After confirming it correct, dealers will pay you money instantly.

  3. Since dealers must firstly confirm to receive Bitcoin and then give you a payment, it maybe takes a few minutes to process, so please be patience.

Confirm the received money

After confirming money, please click ‘Received money’