How to create an EOS account

Update to the latest version of Bitpie (3.7.5 version or above). Bitpie supports the following ways to create your account: by Alipay or Bank card, Other Coin(Currently supports BTC and ETH account opening),by scanning your Bitpie QR Code by your Friend, through PieBank or PieWallet.

Take the Alipay as an example

1.Switch to the EOS interface, Select Account Management and click “Create an EOS account”.


2.Select creation by Alipay or Bank card.


3.Go to the EOS Account,Enter into your EOS account name and click “Next”.

4.Go to confirm your account information,Select payment method,Now select Alipay,Click “Create now”


5.Enter the PIN code ,Click “Pay” button and it will automatically redirect you to the Alipay payment (Attention: note the order number when making the payment),Complete the payment within the specified time ,If you have already paid, please be patient and wait for the dealer to confirm the payment.


6.After the dealer´s confirmation, you will be redirected to the account creation page, and it takes about 5 minutes to finish the process. You can also switch to the EOS page and click“View the latest records”(there you can see the creation of an EOS account, RAM purchase, and the stake).

../_images/eos_createing.en.jpg ../_images/account_eos_detail.en.jpg


1.If you choose to create the account through Pie Bank, your Pie Bank must have EOS balance. It´s fine if you don´t have balance in your Pie Bank. You can purchase through ExPie exchange (based on EOS/ETH, EOS/SCNY trading pairs).

The manual of trading in the exchange:

2.If any of your friends has EOS assets, you can select “scan QR code by friend”. Afterwards, a QR code will be generated and you could share it with your friend, who would send EOS assets through scanning to complete the process.

3.If you want to create the account through Pie Wallet, your Pie Wallet must have an EOS account and the EOS balance must be more than 2 EOS.