1.Upgrade the latest version of Bitpie app, greater than 3.3.3.

2.The front page of pie wallet-choose EOS-click the account that created in the EOS mainnet-enter the EOS page. If you find your EOS mainnet number is incorrect, you can look at the front page of Bitpie wallet-All-EOS vote-choose EOS account (enter the relative vote page and select the relative EOS account). If you do not want to pledge, you can select pledge the vote, redeem in the vote page (you cannot redeem them all, a few EOS needs to be pledged)

../_images/eoswalletpage.en.jpg ../_images/eosaccountoption.en.jpg ../_images/eosaccountvote.en.jpg ../_images/eosretrieve.en.jpg


EOS.IO regulated: During the snapshot period, all the EOS (ERC-20 token) that less than 1, even though users have done the mapping, the snapshot has not been taken. Therefore, they cannot import the EOS wallet, the EOS token held before cannot be transferred to the mainnet normally.

Bitpie has now supported the EOS mainnet, according to the regulation above, now Bitpie only supports users that hold more than 1 EOS (ERC-20 token) and has done the mapping (Bitpie supports accounts that created in the EOS mainnet), or you can import EOS private key to Bitpie. If you do not have EOS in the Bitpie, please don’t worry because we will support creating EOS account soon.

EOS sending

Enter the EOS account name that you want to send to in the EOS account name input box, enter the EOS amount, then click “send”. No miner fee is needed when sending EOS.


EOS receiving

EOS receive address is your EOS account name, if you have more than 1 EOS accounts, you can switch the receive account. Besides, EOS private key is in the top right in the receive page, display private key.