What if the EOS resources are frequently insufficient?

Bitpie supports EOS Resources (CPU/NET/RAM) One-click Help on Bitpie version 3.7.0 or later.

The following two methods are examples under the circumstances of insufficient CPU Resources.

Method 1. CPU One-click Help

1.Open the EOS account Home page, in Resource Management select “CPU Resource”.


2.In the ‘CPU insufficient One-click Help’ box, enter purchase quantity of EOS . Select the Help way: Bank card, Alipay or Pie Bank, and then press Buy.


Method 2. Find someone who can help you to stake CPU resources. CPU Resources staked by others are temporary. They can unstake through the rental list.

You can find a friend to help you stake CPU Resources. How to do it: Your friend has to fill your EOS account and stake assets in the “Other” box in CPU Resources.