Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.Compared to traditional trading platforms or other OTC platforms, what are the difference and the advantage of Bitpie?

Bitpie is based on Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet and Multi-Signature technology and user can buy or sell digital currency upon the Online Blockchain, which mean that the private key of digital currency could be controlled by user’s own rather than by ‘platform’ or others’ party. At the same time, the Bitpie won’t keep the user’s Fait (RMB), so there is no ‘Fait Top Up and Withdrawal’ business. Once the user’s transaction completes, the creditor’s rights and liabilities of Fait will be settled and ‘Prohibit withdrawal’ issue won’t happen. All in all, Bitpie must attaches more importance to the user’s asset security than other similar platforms.

2.Is it safe for the money in my Bitpie account and in bank account?

Yes, it is. Based on the HD wallet technology, Bitpie can not access to the user’s digital assets, so it is impossible to occur the phenomenon –‘Pause to withdraw’ or ‘Run away with money’ on others’ trading platforms.

3.When I trade on Bitpie, how does Bitpie protect my privacy data?

In strict accordance with national laws and regulations to protect user’s privacy, Bitpie has applied the self-developed, advanced security and encryption technology. In view of the most stringent internal controlling system, it can exactly prevent external attackers from obtaining user privacy information for protecting transactions.

4.Whether my assets are safe or not if Bitpie company has a operational problem?

Yes, it is safe. This is a significant technology that distinguishes from others’ platforms: we completely separate our own business operations from user’s asset controlling system, and the user takes the private key of digital currency through HD wallet. Therefore, even if there is a severe operational problem, Bitpie still can’t access to the user’s money.

5.How could I participate in digital currency transaction?

Bitpie provides IOS and Android versions.



6.What is the relationship between ‘bitpie’ and ‘bither’?

Bither and Bitpie both belong to the same technical team, however Bither is the team’s early products and Bitpie is subsequently operated product. The main similarity between the two products: they all provide HD wallet management program; the main difference: Bither is a singular App product with relatively perfect functions, however Bitpie is an integrated App to provide HD wallet and digital currency trading function.

7.What is the ‘Seed Phrase’?

Seed Phrase, showing as ‘12 words’ on Biepie, is an important concept of HD wallet technology. Because it is extremely significant, user should properly keep and backup it. In all kinds of situations, through it, user can restore HD wallet, as well as all addresses and private keys of the digital currency to ensure the safety of digital assets.

8.Could I transfer my Bitcoin on Bitpie to other platforms? Could I take over Bitcoin transferred from other platforms?

Yes, you could. Because the transmit-to-receive network is based on Online Blockchain, Bitcoin on Bitpie can be forwarded with other addresses.

9.What should user do if it has taken a long time not to confirm the transferred Bitcoin?

Digital currency transaction on Block chain will maybe encounter with network congestion. With the improvement of technology, this situation can be gradually solved. However, if user is eager to confirm the transaction as soon as possible, you can buy ‘TX Accelerator’ to speed up for a particular transaction.

10.What should user do if user doesn’t have a back-up of Seed Phrase?

If user loses Seed Phrase, Bitpie also could not help recover it. It is extremely important. Hence, we remind it again: Each user must keeps Seed Phrase in earnest.

11.How to solve it if user forgets Pin Code?

If confirms that has saved Seed Phrase well, user can re-install Bitpie App on another phone (or uninstall Bitpie App ) and then restore the wallet. After recovery, you can reset Pin Code.

12.What if user loses own phone, are there some solutions to provide?

If user confirms that has saved Seed Phrase well, the user’s assets must be safe. However, we still recommend user to take security precautions: Recovering Bitpie by Seed Phrase of new phone, and then transferring Bitcoin of original wallet into another (new) wallet.

13.Why does my transferred money be returned to Alipay / Online Banking /We Chat? Binding failed?

Please check whether the account information (such as name, phone number, account number, etc.) is consistent with other certification information.

24.Could I unload Bitpie?

If there is no special circumstance, you can carefully unload it to avoid losses. After keeping Seed Phrase well, user can unload Bitpie.

15.How to use Seed Phrase to restore the wallet?

after reinstallation, open the Bitpie App, select”Recover an Existing Account”, select “Bitpie Seed Phrase Recovery”, input the 12-word Seed Phrase, then you can recover your account.

16.Are my Bitcoin, the original address and trading history still in wallet after the wallet is restored?

Yes, they are

17.What should I do if I change my phone number / Alipay / Bank Information?

The replacement of Bitpie information should be done before the change.

18.Could I register multiple Bitpie accounts for my different bank / Alipay / phone accounts?

Yes, you could. But the registered information in each account should be consistent.

19.How to update the latest version of Bitpie?

Click “Me-About Bitpie-Version Update” on the Android; iOS needs to be downloaded by overseas Apple id

20.When I plan to buy one TX Accelerator, why are showed many TX Accelerators? What does it mean that a certain transaction ID has dependent on other multiple-transactions?

A transaction is only corresponding to one tx_hash ID, but if it has inter-dependence with previous transactions that have been not confirmed, the current ID transaction that you applied to accelerate won’t pass the former to confirm. Therefore, the system will prompt you to speed up the number of previous transactions.

21.Which kind of criteria is for counting the ‘Dynamic Miners’ Fee ?

Dynamic Miners’ Fee is not a fixed proportion or a fixed amount, but is based on Network state. Due to unconfirmed transaction, there are ‘The Distribution of Service Fee’ and ‘The Amount of Bitcoin on United Byte’. The so-called Dynamic Adjustment can make a best choice according to these information.

22.If I would like to know the usage of Bither wallet (, how could I look up this related information?

You can refer to the ‘Bither wallet’s official website’ Bither wallet’s FAQ, and Search results Bither wallet’s FAQ

23. 如何对波场资源进行冻结与解冻?

  1. 带宽代表发送交易大小的字节数,比如转账交易大小为 250 字节则消耗 250 带宽。
  2. 能量代表智能合约执行消耗时间,比如智能合约执行消耗 100 μs 则消耗 100 能量。


  1. 冻结 TRX 将可以获得带宽或能量,资源价格随着全网提供的资源数量和冻结资源数量波动。
  2. 冻结 TRX 后获得能量或带宽,同时获得用于投票的 TRON Power。
  3. 资源解冻需要等待 3 天(以冻结的时间开始计算),解冻将会返回 TRX,并移除相应的资源和 TRON Power。


  1. 所有交易皆需要消耗带宽,比如转账和智能合约调用
  2. 部分交易需要消耗能量,比如智能合约调用(TRC-20 转账和 DApp 使用)
  3. 激活账户每 24 小时拥有免费 5000 带宽资源,可用于每日 TRX 和 TRX-10 代币 10 多笔免费转账。
  4. 被消耗的带宽与能量资源将会 24 小时内逐渐恢复。

24. 硬件钱包比冷钱包的优势在哪里?

答:1.硬件随机数发生器,随机质量更高。 2.蓝牙传输比二维码的承载的信息可以更多。3.配合手机蓝牙连接操作方便。4.币种多,功能多

25. USDT 误转到 BTC 地址了怎么办?

答:USDT误转到BTC地址找回路径:打开比特派首页-左上角体系切切换到BTC,然后点击收款-点击我的地址-我的历史地址-在这里找到接收了USDT的那个BTC地址-点击这个地址查看私钥-私钥手抄备份(注意不要触网)-然后打开 我的—钱包设置-点击转入资产-来自普通私钥-选择币种USDT-填写私钥-检测私钥。 注意接收了USDT的BTC地址上需要有一定的BTC作为矿工费。

26. 什么是挖矿?



27. 矿工费是什么?


28. 矿工费有什么用?


关于奖励矿工:矿工的收益 = 区块固定收益(目前为12.5个BTC) + 大家交的矿工费 。 矿工可是非常重要的角色,没有矿工区块可以没法运行了哇,所以该给的奖励还是要有的。


扩展阅读:一般来说,一笔普通交易大小在 250 byte字节左右,比特币的一个区块大小为 1M (不考虑隔离验证),其中常见的交易笔数在 3000 笔左右。所以,矿工如果想在有限的区块容量下扩大自己的收益,就要优先打包矿工费更高的交易。

29. 矿工费怎么计算的?


矿工费的计算公式是这样的:BTC矿工费=Fees(聪/byte) * Size(byte)

翻译一下就是:矿工费= 单价 * 体积



30. 怎样设置矿工费?



31. 矿工费给少了怎么办?



32. 什么是交易确认?


(一般情况当确认数达到1时,可以认为这笔交易是到账的,当确认数达到 6 及以上时,比可以认为是非常安全并极难逆转。)

33. 转账到合约地址怎么办?

智能合约是由一个地址和该地址对应存储的代码构成的。例如在以太坊上发 ERC20 的 Token,本质上就是创建了一个 Token 的智能合约,智能合约的代码决定了这个地址里的Token的所有内容。


所以在转账或者交易所提 Token 时千万不要直接转到该 Token 的合约地址。

34. 用比特派搜索不到比特护盾、刀锋设备?




解决办法:在其他设备的蓝牙设置中,断开与护盾、刀锋的连接,并删除/忽略连接过的护盾、刀锋设备后重试。 (请通过比特派APP来连接比特护盾、刀锋,请勿在手机蓝牙设置中直接连接比特护盾、刀锋)