Software Function Description

Bitpie is a comprehensive blockchain assets service product with Bitpie, users are able to receive, send, buy and sell cryptocurrencies; meanwhile, we provide functions such as ExPie(Exchange platform), transaction accelerators, discovery and assets evaluation, etc.

Home Page

At the home page, you can see the following functions:

Send, receive

Buy/Sell: convenient and fast

Scan QR: for lgoin

Transactions: all records of receiving and sending

Pie Bank: supporting OTC trade, exchange and financial plans subscribing

OTC trade: customer to customer trade with safety and convenience

Check the latest record: tap it to check all your sending& receiving and trading records.

At the lower part of the home page, various coins and tokens are shown, which you can switch and customize the display.

Top left corner: switch between Bitpie account and BITHD account

Top Right corner: Add Assets



Currently, various trading pairs based on SCNY, BTC and ETH are supported; meanwhile, it’s a market ticker, choose the trading pair you can enter to trade.



Find more good projects and their latest news.



evaluate all your assets on Bitpie; check history(deposit, withdrawal and instant trade)



Avatar, User Name, Current Coin Price, My Ad.

Account Management: Switch bitpie account and BITHD account

My Orders: Historical transaction orders

My Address: Receiving Addresses and Change Addresses


button on top right corner includes functions:

Passcode Reset: reset your passcode

Seed Verification: it is requisite for user to verify the correctness of his seed. Only after confirming the correctness of the seed can the user continue to use the account.

Message Signing and Address Book: we will introduced specifically.

BITHD Security Code: BITHD users can verify the authenticity of the QR code on the packing box.

Feedback: users can submit ticket for any question.