Software Function Description

比特派是全球领先的多链钱包,支持 BTC/ETH/TRX/BSC/HECO/EOS/USDT 等多种区块链资产。主要功能包括:收发、加速交易、资讯、DeFi 等。

Front Page

Features at Front Page:

Send and receive coins/tokens

Pie Store: Entrance to purchase hardware wallets;

Accelerator: You can accelerate your bitcoin transactions when they are notconfirmed. You can choose a particular TXID to be accelerated;

Top left corner: to switch your chain system;







带您发现更多优质 项目、DeFi 工具,可随时查看比特派的热门及最新信息。



To know the latest update from Bitpie wallet



BITHD: Manage your BITHD hardware wallet.

Bitpie Cold : Connect to your Bither wallet to monitor the cold wallet, now support BTC and USDT-Omni

Wallet Setting:Change Code, Show Seed Phrase, Verify Seed Phrase,Import Assets, Default Currency, Address format options

About Bitpie: You can feedback via ‘Help Center’. If you have any questions, you can use it seek for help.

Official Channel: You can use Bitpie official channel to verify the identity of our Customer Service, incase someone commit fraud by posing as a Bitpie employee.

BitHD Security Code: BitHD users can scan the QR code that attached on the package of BitHD wallet, to verify your BitHD.

Logout: You can register a new account after logout


Wallet Setting Illustration:

Change Code: Change your Pin Code

Show Seed Phrase: You can check your seed phrase by entering the correct Pin Code

Verify Seed Phrase: This can help you to verify your seed phrase, once you have confirmed the seed phrase you backed up is correct, you can use your wallet without any worry.

Import Assets: You can use this to transferring your assets into Bitpie wallet form other wallets. Also can be used to redeem mis-sending assets.