Message Signing

Message Signing do not use any money to certify you have an address’s private key

Signing Message

操作入口:我的菜单 - 右上角设置图标 - 消息签名 - 签名消息 或者 切换到对应的币种页面 - 收币 - 右上角三点 - 签名消息

../_images/msg_sig_address.en.png ../_images/msg_sig_message.en.png

1.The address will signing, click to copy

2.QR for address will signing

3.According to require to fill in the message

4.Have been signing message

Verify signing message

操作入口:我的菜单 - 右上角设置图标 - 消息签名 - 验证消息签名


1.The address of signing message

2.Signing message will be signing

3.Have been signing message

4.Click the validation, signature verification by that the address you have the private key

5.Just for message signature can generate QR code, so where validation message signature scanning qr code you can use the camera, more convenient