Software Function Description

比特派是一款综合化的区块链资产服务产品,主要功能包括:收发、买卖、加速交易、交易所、资讯、DApp 、资产估值等。

Home Page

At the home page, you can see the following functions:

Send, receive

Buy/Sell: convenient and fast

扫一扫:登录 场外交易使用,支持 SimpleWallet 协议。



OTC trade: customer to customer trade with safety and convenience

币币兑换:可以进行币种之间的兑换,例如使用 BTC 兑换成 EOS。

Check the latest record: tap it to check all your sending& receiving and trading records.

At the lower part of the home page, various coins and tokens are shown, which you can switch and customize the display.

Top left corner: switch between Bitpie account and BITHD account

Top Right corner: Add Assets

全部:对应的功能有派银行、派商店、点对点交易、币币兑换、交易记录、加速器、银行卡、身份验证、常用合约、Token工厂、EOS 投票、导入私钥、资源管理、创建 EOS 账户



Currently, various trading pairs based on SCNY, BTC and ETH are supported; meanwhile, it’s a market ticker, choose the trading pair you can enter to trade.



带您发现更多优质 DApp、DApp工具,可随时查看比特派的热门及最新信息。



evaluate all your assets on Bitpie; check history(deposit, withdrawal and instant trade)



Avatar, User Name, Current Coin Price, My Ad.

Account Management: Switch bitpie account and BITHD account

我的广告: 创建点对点的广告。

My Orders: Historical transaction orders

My Address: Receiving Addresses and Change Addresses



身份验证:KYC A/B/C 验证。


交易加速器:可对指定的交易 Hash 进行加速。



button on top right corner includes functions:

Passcode Reset: reset your passcode

Seed Verification: it is requisite for user to verify the correctness of his seed. Only after confirming the correctness of the seed can the user continue to use the account.

切换到隔离验证地址:可切换 BTC 以3开头的隔离验证地址,或者是 切换 普通地址。

检测余额:如果您在比特派的 ETH 或 ETH 下的 erc20 币种余额不对,可使用此功能。

Message Signing and Address Book: we will introduced specifically.

BITHD Security Code: BITHD users can verify the authenticity of the QR code on the packing box.

Feedback: users can submit ticket for any question.